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Leaders in the construction and building industry. Maintaining and setting high standards in the construction and building industry.

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Leaders in Project Management

ABC CONTRACTING has acquired considerable and varied technological experience in major Electrical, Electro-Mechanical and Civil works. Its aspired diversification, mainly aimed at serving and satisfying its customers.
Having started its operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2004, ABC CONTRACTING offers its services for Electrical, Electro-Mechanical and Civil works. We provide efficient, cost effective solutions in maintenance, repair & overhauling works as well.
Customer focus & customer satisfaction are the key elements in our mission. Our technical know-how combined with research and development, enables us to provide efficient, cost effective solutions compatible to the local environment.
We believe in hard work & sincerity. We have a talented team of Engineers & Technicians who thrive themselves upon challenges.

  • ABC CONTRACTING has been established to support the kingdom’s goal for suitable and Industrial growth by providing diversified technical services and solutions in electro-mechanical, instrumentation and civil field.
  • ABC CONTRACTING has experience, expertise and a pool of engineers, technocrats & managerial & supervisory personnel with long years of experience to provide the services.

Services Classified as:

Construction, Installation, Testing and Commissioning.
Refurbishment, Retrofit and Retro fill.
Design, Engineering, upgrading and modification works
Maintenance services

Our range of services varies depending upon the Project. This either covers the Power Plant with all associated plant components or just the balance of the Plant. Accordingly, we act as a general contractor.
Rather than being dependent on specific manufacturers for the construction of our projects, we tailor the projects to the local conditions as precisely as possible using the best components available for each particular project. While we source the core
components of our projects from International manufacturers, we ensure as much local added value as possible when it comes to the balance of the plant.

ABC CONTRACTING is a ‘specialist’ company providing all manner of support services to the electrical construction & Power Industries.
Our aims are to provide an efficient, cost effective service, based on safety, quality & reliability both in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Worldwide.
Based on a flexible approach, our services are ‘tailor made’ to adequately suit client’s individual requirements.

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