Electrical Work

ABC CONTRACTING provides the Complete Installation of the following:


ABC CONTRACTING provides the Complete Installation of the following:

Electrical Installation
  • Installation of Switchgears (Voltage range 415V – 132 KV)
  • Installation of Substations with RMUs, Transformer & switchgears
  • Installation of Power Distribution System
  • Installation of Transformers
  • Installation of Motor Control Centers (MCC’s)
  • Installation of Panel Boards.
  • Installation of bus bar systems
  • Design & installation of Lighting Systems
  • Design & installation of Earthing & Lighting Protection System
  • Battery Inverters and UPS System

Erection & installation of Electrical Equipment, Sensors & Instruments.
Protection, power management, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system.
Laying of LV/MV cables up to 66KV, jointing and termination, cable fault location and restoration etc.

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ABC CONTRACTING has a standard quality manual and besides project specific quality procedure is submitted and followed for every project.
QA/QC engineer supervises quality conformance in coordination with client’s quality inspector.

Materials and workmanship are inspected for conformity at different stages for conformity and NCs are reported f or remedy. Documents on equipment calibration, factory test certifications, site test and inspection reports shall be submitted with “AS BUILT DOCUMENTS” Equipment must safely be moved from delivery point to final location, so as well as Electrical fitting skills; our teams are trained in slinging/ rigging techniques, to ensure the safe movement of such.

Our personnel are experienced with most manufacturers, so whatever type & model of
equipment, we can install to the prescribed standards.
Cable Installation & Jointing:
ABC CONTRACTING specializes in cabling associated with electrical distribution systems.
• Cable Installation up to 66 KV
• Cable jointing up to 33 KV
• Cable containment systems
• Pilots & Communication cables associated with MV /HV Systems
• Low voltage works

Testing & Commissioning:

ABC CONTRACTING has technocrats, equipment and knowhow for all pre-commissioning and routine testing of installed equipment /instruments, switchgears, control and automation system etc.
Calibration of protective relays and measuring instruments. test of transformers , switchgear and MCC, CT, PT, protection and control relays.
Instruments are Configured & calibrated using standard test equipment and testing methods and procedures.
All circuitry and functionality tests are carried out.

Utilizing our experienced site engineering staff, ABC CONTRACTING offers a competent ‘hands on’ test & commissioning service.
Testing & commissioning is probably the most fundamental part of any project. It is usually the last item on agenda & is the final proving, prior to handover to the client.

It is a demonstration, that the design intent, has successfully progressed, from paper through to reality & that the equipment & integrated schemes, safely operate as intended.
Both old & new equipment needs testing to provide client assurance that when there is a fault, not only will it clear safely, but also the equipment can contain it.

We are capable of carrying out most testing requirements.
Electrical tests can be classified as; Development tests, Type tests, Routine tests, Reliability tests, Commissioning tests. Reliability & Commissioning tests are the site tests & performed after installation of new electrical systems.


We can perform the following tests for transformers.

• Transformer turns ratio test (TTR)
• Transformer winding resistance
• Dissipation factor
• Insulation resistance
• Short circuit impedance test
• Pressure test
• All test for auxiliaries of transformer