Protection & Control of Electrical Equipment

Protection & Control of Electrical Equipment:
We can perform the following tests

• Differential relays
• Over current, ground fault & short circuit protection relays
• Synchro check relays & Generator protection relays
• Auto voltage regulation
• Breaker failure relays

Design, engineering, upgrading & modification works

ABC CONTRACTING specializes in field modification or replacement of all type of obsolete system upon field survey and engineering design incorporating latest alternative especially for those types of system and equipment replacements for which are hardly available from original sources.
Refurbishment, retrofit & retro fill.

ABC CONTRACTING provides solutions for maintenance, upgrading, modification, refurbishing and retrofit for the following:
Substations and MCC, switches, panels, UPS & Battery chargers, panels and all related parts and components.
Field instruments and Central or Stand alone control panels, sensors, transmitters, recorders and controllers and analyzers etc.
Automation and remote control:

We introduce latest remote control technology most appropriate for process industries and Operators of utility projects.
Remote Control Technology ( RCT) interfaces the devices in a close or open loop control with less expensive wireless system with higher reliability, compatibility & profitability

There is no expensive FCC licensing issue involved in RCT frequency range.

Up to 5 Miles without line-of-sight and with customization you can Control and monitor your devices from virtually anywhere in the world!
RCT provides easy access through difficult terrains and alien property and eliminates cable fault and needs for fault location using expensive but often erratic devices and a clumsy procedure for fault location.

Shutdown Activities:

ABC CONTRACTING plans, schedules & executes electrical systems shutdown itself, involving sub contractors if required. We plan & give our customer assurance of smooth implementation of shutdown. Quality & compliance with deadlines is core of our shutdown execution activities. ABC CONTRACTING offers following services related to plant shutdown activities.
• Planning & Scheduling
• Coordination
• Execution
• Safety management
• Supervision
• Documentation
Plant Emergency Services:
ABC CONTRACTING experts are well prepared to cope with the plants emergency shutdown & restore normal operation. We are providing fast, reliable, & cost effective solution for emergency shutdowns. With our technical database, it is easier for us to trace the equipment’s & expertise for the particular shutdown activity.

Plant Maintenance Services:

ABC CONTRACTING has the expertise to perform routine & preventive maintenance on electrical installations. Our engineers have the expertise to overhaul & perform maintenance test on various equipment’s.

• Overhauling of transformer tap changer.
• Overhauling of switch gears.
• Refurbishment of electrical systems.
• Maintenance tests.