Project Management

ABC CONTRACTING is a provider of Professional Project Management services in the development of buildings. It offers clients a unique fusion of international knowledge and technology along with local expertise and insight. Our aim is to add value at all stages of the development process.
We manage projects involving all building types from industrial to residential and from commercial to leisure.
We also manage the entire project process from inception, site selection, feasibility and design to construction and post-completion defects. ABC CONTRACTING’s services are utterly comprehensive and our team is available to collaborate with the client and assist with decision-making long before an architect puts pen to paper. In fact consultation between client and project manager from beginning to end is our way of ensuring that the Client’s expectations and goals are clearly identified and then achieved. From revenue assessment to calculating a cost plan and developing timing schedules and cash flow guidelines, our team works closely with the client from the outset to produce a feasible development.
There are three crucial stages to any project:

  1. Design and Procurement stage.
  2. Construction stage.
  3. Handover stage.


Project management process Agree upon precise specifications for the project – ‘Terms of Reference’ 1. Plan the project – time, team, activities, resources, and financials using suitable project management tools. 2. Communicate the project plan to your project team and to any other interested people or groups. 3. Agree and delegate project actions. 4. Manage and motivate – inform, encourage, and enable the project team. 5. Check, measure, monitor, review project progress, adjust project plans, and inform the project team and others. 6. Complete project – review and report on project performance; give praise and thanks to the project team. 7. Project follow-up – train, support, measure and report results and benefits.

Other Work-Related Conditions

Due to the diverse work that Civil Engineering Technology encompasses and specific requirements some employers may have, a person may want to think about the following factors when making career choices:
o Special safety training may be required, e.g. Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training and survival training.
o Some roles work primarily in office environments, with periodic site visits. In other roles, the work may be based at a remote plant or other site.
o Traveling may be required; a valid driver’s license may be needed.
o Some roles are unionized, while others are not.
o Some roles work shifts; what constitutes a typical work week may vary.
o There may be physical demands to carrying out the work for example, individuals may be expected to regularly lift or move items weighing 5-15 kilograms.
o There may be opportunities for international exchange.


ABC CONTRACTING prepares project specific HSE plan and per client’s guidelines and standard procedure to achieve a target for zero fatality, loss time, accidents, fire and environmental hazards.
Basic PPE requirements of hard hat, safety shoes and goggles are provided to every worker.
Workers shall be provided with safety orientation to follow safety plan for emergency situation, especially in hazardous location.
Safety shall be the responsibility of the safety officer/super